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您好,歡迎光臨凌云海糖業集團網站![登陸]  [注冊]
時間:2016/5/25 16:49:08   文章來源:凌云海糖業集團


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  Shandong Lingxue Sugar Import & Export Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Lingxue Sugar Import & Export Co., Ltd is located in Rizhao High-tech Area Yingpin Logistic Park, to the north of Yingbin Road, south of Xinghai Road. The total investment is 150 million RMB and it occupies the area of more than 220 mu. There built 9 modernized, high-standard sugar products warehouses, of which the construction area is more than 60000 square meters and the storage capacity is 250 thousand tons. The company make full use of the resource advantage and position advantage to carry out the storage, preservation of sugar, forming a more broad sugar industry market network, making the area where the company is located a distribution center of large-scale sugar processing, domestic and abroad trade, storage, logistics and transportation.


集團地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店    全國服務熱線:0633-3602298

集團銷售部電話:0633-3602298    集團銷售部辦公地址:日照經濟技術開發區秦皇島路59號凌海大酒店裙樓

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